sol|id1 W3S3 [ˈsɔlıd US ˈsa:-] adj
2¦(only one material)¦
3¦(not hollow)¦
4¦(without spaces)¦
5¦(strongly made)¦
6¦(good and long-lasting)¦
8¦(continuing without interruption)¦
9 packed solid
10 on solid ground
14¦(in agreement)¦
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old French; Origin: solide, from Latin solidus]
1.) ¦(FIRM/HARD)¦
hard or firm, with a fixed shape, and not a liquid or gas
The lake was frozen solid .
It was good to be back on solid ground again.
Is the baby eating solid food (=bread, meat etc) yet?
The ship's sonar can detect the presence of solid objects in the water.
consisting completely of one type of material
solid gold/silver etc
a solid gold cup
solid wood/pine/oak etc
a chest made of solid oak
3.) ¦(NOT HOLLOW)¦
having no holes or spaces inside
≠ ↑hollow
a solid rubber ball
a shrine carved out of solid rock
continuous, without any spaces or breaks
It's not safe to pass when the lines in the middle of the road are solid.
strong and well made
≠ ↑flimsy
a solid piece of furniture
The frame is as solid as a rock (=extremely solid) .
a solid achievement or solid work is of real, practical, and continuing value
five years of solid achievement
The first two years provide a solid foundation in the basics of computing.
someone or something that is solid can be depended on or trusted
a solid reputation
The prosecution in this case has no solid evidence .
You can rely on Wylie for good solid advice.
a solid Labour stronghold (=where people always vote for this party)
used to emphasize that something continues for a long time without any pauses
The lecture lasted two solid hours.
five hours/two weeks etc solid
On Saturday I went to bed and slept fourteen hours solid.
9.) packed solid informal
if shops, trains, buses etc are packed solid, they are full of people
10.) on solid ground
confident because you are dealing with a subject you are sure about, or because you are in a safe situation
To make sure that he was on solid ground, he confirmed his findings with others.
11.) ¦(GOOD)¦
BrE informal good
12.) ¦(DIFFICULT)¦
BrE informal very difficult
I couldn't do any of the maths last night - it was solid.
13.) ¦(SHAPE)¦
technical having length, width, and height
A sphere is a solid figure.
be solid
BrE to be in complete agreement
The workers are 100% solid on this issue.
>solidly adv
solidly built
>solidness n [U]
solid 2
solid2 n
a firm object or substance that has a fixed shape, not a gas or liquid
the properties of liquids and solids
2.) solids [plural]
foods that are not liquid
He's still too ill to eat solids.
3.) technical
the part of a liquid which has the qualities of a solid when it is separated from the ↑solvent (=watery part)
4.) technical
a shape which has length, width, and height, such as a ↑sphere or ↑cylinder

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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